How To Tell If You Are In A Korean Drama

DramaFever allows you to watch unlimited instant streaming of your Korean Drama favorite dramas, variety shows and movies. In the hugely popular Korean drama Boys Before Flowers ” for instance, Jan Di, the female lead, is a kind person from a poor family who attends a prestigious school. Regardless of the intention of dramas as a mere outlet of fantasy, the enormous popularity of these dramas and their addictive plotlines has made their storylines and expectations a staple of modern Korean culture. As much as dramas have influenced popular culture, they are also a reflection of traditional Korean culture and its view on relationships: men should hold a dominating, leadership role, while the woman’s duty is to follow and obey their husbands.

I watch this drama after Angel Eyes” and Wonderful Days” , because I don’t clear about the two main actors’ characters (LDH n LDW). Wooden acting not because she can’t act (as she has proven in MG drama), but because of effects of medical enhancements done on her face. Because of what LDH did to her face, she is not effective in portraying Ah Mo ne tole in this drama.

Really hope that this drama is awesome because Kim Hee Sun is a legendary beautiful Korean actress and Kim Yoo Jung is a beautiful rising-star. I can feel that this drama will be very awesome and win over many young viewers heart like me. She can disguises as a high-school student even at her ages in the drama story. But this is ji hyun woo project… i really like him, hopefully this drama will be success. I don’t know what is realistic in Korea but I don’t think in real Korea, the first reaction to any problem is to kill someone, which happened so often in the dramas.

The good thing about these kinds of dramas are, we already know the story so we won’t be tortured to wait next episode when it airs. The bad thing is we already had our own imagination and expectation about the story and the cast, so if it not fit into ours, then somehow it will ruin the drama. For me the location of the fault is on IR, if you do not agree with my opinion please watch the beginning of the episode.

From now on, let me introduce the location and the house which Choi Hang-Sung lived in the drama. Before you read this post, if you would like to see last series of ‘The cafes where Korean wave drama used as a shooting location’, refer to posts linked as below. All the women, who watched this drama, fell in love with him ‘Han-Sung’ and he became more famous through this drama. I’m not a big fan of melodramas but I guess the mystery /suspense effect of this drama made me continue watching it at the end. This is a bit old drama and one of the gender bender I’ve watched, one is Hana Kimi.

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